Georgie and Oli’s Winter Wedding

It was an absolute honour and pleasure to be involved with Georgie and Oli’s Wedding at the beginning of December.  They got married in one of our beautiful local churches and had their reception at the amazing Long Barn in our village.

Wedding Shoes Caroline Davy Studio Wedding

Georgie was an absolute star to work with as she named a few flowers that she wanted me to include and then left the rest to my imagination!  She wanted to incorporate Mistletoe in the Church as this was to be a focal feature of the whole day and all the bouquets needed to include Rosemary.  The boy’s buttonholes needed to be ‘masculine’, simple and fun to fit with the ‘rustic’ but incredibly suave tweed suits they were all wearing!

Bridal Bouquet delivery Caroline Davy Studio Wedding Bouquet

The beginning of December is an ‘in-between’ time as Autumn is over and Christmas is yet to come.  However, the choice of seasonal flowers was still fairly good and we managed to mix Winter with a touch of early Spring with some amazing Lilac.

Hanging Ball Caroline Davy Studio

Candles in the church Caroline Davy Studio

Church flowers Caroline Davy Studio



Georgie’s bouquet included a mix of Roses including ‘Deep Purple’ and ‘Super Bubbles’, Astrantia ‘Roma’,  White Lilac, Rosemary, Anemone, Ranunculus and trailing Clematis Inspiration.

Georgie's Wedding Caroline Davy Studio

Oli’s buttonhole included a sprig of Lilac and a deep red Astrantia Roma to match his bride’s bouquet.  The other buttonholes for the 12 Ushers and two Best Men (!) included Magnolia buds, variegated Pittosporum, Hypericum berries, Scabious seed heads and Ivy.

Oli's Best Men Caroline Davy Studio

Oli's Best Man Caroline Davy Studio

Flowers have different meanings for everyone and sometimes, if you look up their associations, they shatter illusions!  However, in summary, the flowers in Georgie’s bouquet stood for, purity, modesty, youth, the first emotions of love, mental beauty and ‘dazzled by charm’!  I think this is a fitting and beautiful summary of this lovely, lovely Bride!

Georgie and her Bridesmaids Caroline Davy Studio

Oli and Georgie's Wedding

Oli and Georgie's Wedding Caroline Davy Studio

Oli and Georgie's Wedding Caroline Davy Studio

The fantastic photography was provided by the inspirational Jon Constant who cleverly and expertly manages to capture the true essence of every wedding he ever works with!

Oli and Georgie's Wedding Caroline Davy Studio

‘Thank you so much for all your incredible flowers, we loved them, particularly my bouquet, so beautiful. You’ve been amazing throughout and think you’re incredibly talented with it all!’

Thank you Georgie;  it was an absolute pleasure to work with  you!